Dominic Construction Ltd


Hello! I’m Dom Gaylor


Are you a facilities or property manager in charge of new industrial unit builds or fit-outs? Are you frustrated with the traditional method of hiring main contractors to carry out the work? Are you looking for a different way of doing things? A way that lets you stay in control of your budget and the build?

After 16 years in the construction industry, I set up Dominic Construction Ltd to give companies an easier and more cost-effective way to get their industrial units built.

I also wanted to remove the barriers that caused conflicts between management companies, sub-contractors and their clients to create a service that had everyone working seamlessly together. This can-do attitude sets us apart from our competitors and ensures we deliver 100% satisfaction on every project.

By working directly for you, Dominic Construction Ltd lets you cut out the main contractor, stay in control of your project and save money on marked-up sub-contractor prices.

Using a Construction Manager allows you to maintain a hands on involvement in the project, but means you can rely on us to administer the project in accordance with current legislation to include;


  • Advising on buildability, construction methodologies, sequencing and logistics
  • Managing the safe working environment and safety culture associated with the project, in accordance with the requirements of CDM 2015 and other relevant legislation
  • Packaging up the works into well co-ordinated and clearly demarcated trade contracts, including the transfer of design responsibility and definition of package interfaces
  • Assessing and approving the competence of trade contractors
  • Preparing and collating pre-qualification and tender documentation together with the administration and negotiation of tenders
  • Monitoring and reporting on overall progress and performance
  • Forecasting the impact of design changes or disruption to the progress of the works
  • Managing financial aspects of the project, including trade contract valuations, claims and the administration of contra-charges


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Tap into 18 years of experience in Construction Management

Starting as a labourer, I worked my way up through the tools. I’ve been working in Construction Management for 18 years, first as a freelancer and now in my own company. So, when you work with me, you’ll benefit from both my expertise and my large network of contacts.


Our team

Our team have extensive experience in managing and delivering many types of construction projects.  

When you work with contractors in the construction industry, you don’t want just anyone. You want skilled people with the relevant qualifications and experience for the job they are doing.  That’s why we ensure that anyone who works on your project is carefully vetted. They carry strict industry accreditation to ensure sites are run safely and efficiently, and high levels of trust are achieved from their first day.  We’ve also developed strong relationships with our supply chain, who have consistently delivered the highest standards with us, regardless of project size or location.