About Us

Retain control of the project with Construction Management


The recent growth of the distribution and logistics sector has seen demand increase for fast track projects, including fit out and bespoke alterations to the main building shell.  The complexity of current racking and automation systems requires the client to be fully immersed in the selection process for specialist installers, and much closer relationships with the supply chain.


We do things differently


At Dominic Construction Ltd we work directly for you.  Our focus is 100% on ensuring that the project is delivered safely and on programme, but more importantly that you feel fully engaged in the process, and able to make the changes and decisions demanded by your business, without losing control of the finances under a traditional contracting arrangement.


The additional benefits of using Construction Management include;



The Construction Management fee will be much lower than a traditional overhead and profit mark-up added by a main contractor.  The risk allocation will remain with the client, and will only be allocated if required.  Changes are only authorised by instruction and with robust cost planning and detailed weekly cost reporting, transparency is maintained throughout.



From the initial instruction, programme times can be shortened dramatically, with enabling works commenced at the earliest opportunity.  Potential changes are addressed immediately and implications presented for assessment and instruction with minimal impact on site progress.  By developing stronger and less adversarial relationships across the whole project team, the commitment to delivery will ensure deadlines are maintained and snag free handovers achieved.


Your project

At every step you are making the decisions, and influence how the scheme is delivered.  By maintaining direct relationships with key partners the process will run smoothly from the start and most importantly, will allow you to deliver to your business a project which fully meets the requirements in the original brief.